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Client API Standards

This page defines a minimal standard to adhere in programming APIs.

Configuration file

The configuration file resides in a directory .openml in the home directory of the user and is called config. It consists of key = value pairs which are seperated by newlines. The following keys are defined:

  • apikey:
    • required to access the server
  • server:
    • default:
  • verbosity:
    • 0: normal output
    • 1: info output
    • 2: debug output
  • cachedir:
    • if not given, will default to file.path(tempdir(), "cache").
  • arff.reader:
    • RWeka: This is the standard Java parser used in Weka.
    • farff: The farff package lives below the mlr-org and is a newer, faster parser without Java.


Cache invalidation

All parts of the entities which affect experiments are immutable. The entities dataset and task have a flag status which tells the user whether they can be used safely.

File structure

Caching should be implemented for

  • datasets
  • tasks
  • splits
  • predictions

and further entities might follow in the future. The cache directory $cache should be specified by the user when invoking the API. The structure in the cache directory should be as following:

  • One directory for the following entities:
    • $cache/datasets
    • $cache/tasks
    • $cache/runs
  • For every dataset there is an extra directory for which the name is the dataset ID, e.g. $cache/datasets/2 for the dataset anneal.ORIG
    • The dataset should be called dataset.arff
    • Every other file should be named by the API call which was used to obtain it. The XML returned by invoking should therefore be called qualities.xml.
  • For every task there is an extra directory for which the name is the task ID, e.g. $cache/tasks/1
    • The task file should be called task.xml.
    • The splits accompanying a task are stored in a file datasplits.arff.
  • For every run there is an extra directory for which the name is the run ID, e.g. $cache/run/1
    • The predictions should be called predictions.arff.