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OpenML features extensive support for MOA. However currently this is implemented as a stand alone MOA compilation, using the latest version (as of May, 2014).

Download MOA for OpenML

Quick Start

OpenML MOA Interface

  • Download the standalone MOA environment above.
  • Find your API key in your profile (log in first). Create a config file called openml.conf in a .openml directory in your home dir. It should contain the following lines:

    api_key = YOUR_KEY

  • Launch the JAR file by double clicking on it, or launch from command-line using the following command:

    java -cp openmlmoa.beta.jar moa.gui.GUI

  • Select the task moa.tasks.openml.OpenmlDataStreamClassification to evaluate a classifier on an OpenML task, and send the results to OpenML.
  • Optionally, you can generate new streams using the Bayesian Network Generator: select the moa.tasks.WriteStreamToArff task, with moa.streams.generators.BayesianNetworkGenerator.