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This page is a showcase of some projects and research done using the OpenML libary. Did you use OpenML in your work and want to share it with the community? We would love to have you!

Simply create a pull request with the necessary information and we will add it to this page.

openml-python 274 stars

Python module to interface with OpenML

openml-r 95 stars

R package to interface with OpenML

OpenML.jl 10 stars

Partial implementation of the OpenML API for Julia

openml-rust 10 stars

A rust interface to

continual-automl 5 stars

Adaptations of AutoML libraries H2O, Autosklearn and GAMA for stream learning

openml-rapidminer 3 stars

RapidMiner plugin

openml-pytorch 3 stars

Pytorch extension for openml-python

openml-tensorflow 2 stars

Tensorflow extension for openml-python

openml-croissant 0 stars

Converting dataset metadata from OpenML to Croissant format

flow-visualization 0 stars

Tool to convert openml flows to ONNX and visualize them via Netron

openml-mxnet 0 stars

MXNet extension for openml

openml-onnx 0 stars

onnx extension for openml

openml-azure 0 stars

Tools for interfacing with Azure

OpenmlCortana 0 stars

Openml Cortana connector

openml-keras 0 stars

Keras extension for openml-python